Why should you wake up early to speak English?

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I know you want to speak English more. I understand that.

The question I have for you is, do you wake up for success every morning? For me getting up at 6am every morning and getting straight into my work puts me ahead of everyone else.

From 6am – midday I am helping people speak better English. Do the same! Make the first 10 minutes of your day in English. Start speaking out aloud in English for the first 10 minutes a day. Practice a speech. Practice a conversation. Practice some phrases.

This will build confidence in your speaking and get your day started on a positive. Make it a daily ritual to get your practice and study in first.

4 thoughts on “Why should you wake up early to speak English?

  1. armando on said:

    well, congratulations for make that you love. few people have the oportunity to discover out an activity than insipire them. people like you are really a great example to follow.

    thanks for share your skills and knowledge.


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