Tip 3 How to learn English. Don’t ask why

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Tip 3 How to learn English. Don’t ask why!

Here we are for another tip on how to learn English.

Here is something to remember. I ask you to not worry about “why“. But worry about “when“. Students that focus on “why” have trouble gaining fluency. They ask why is this word like this, why do you say this, why why why. It doesn’t matter. People that focus on why don’t seem to improve. But students I teach that ask when can I use that word, what situation can I use that phrase, become great English speakers. Their mind is free to relax and just speak, not questioning every word or phrase.

How to learn English. Don't ask why

How to learn English. Don’t ask why

If you would like to see the video “ask when not why”, it can be found by going to “Ask when not why video”

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