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Tip 2 How do you learn English – What type of learner are you?

So yesterday we talked about why it’s important to have fun speaking English and to enjoy making mistakes. By making mistakes is the fastest way to learn. Now today, lets think about how you learn English.

Are you a visual or auditory learner? Some people remember better by watching or seeing a picture of something while other students remember better by listening. For me, I am a visual learner. There is no doubt about that. For example when I meet someone for the first time, if I see their name badge I will remember their name forever. If they tell me their name then I struggle to remember it. A memory technique I use for remembering names is by visualizing their name. I imagine I am writing their name on their name badge and putting it on their shirt. By doing this, I turn the process from an auditory engagement into a visual one which I will remember much better.

So, do you want to know the real secret about how we learn. Do you want to remember 70% – 90% more English than you do now?

Then you should watch a video I made for you about the English cone of learning. You can find it here on my Facebook page.

The Secret to Learning English

The English Learning Secret

The English Learning Secret

You’ll learn why you only remember 10% of what you hear and how you can remember up to 90% of what you study by using my unique methods for studying and learning English.

If you want English to be fun and interactive then you have come to the right place.

See you again tomorrow for another exciting tip on how to learn English.




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