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  English learners have a problem. They study the Wrong Way or the Wrong Words.

Now improve your English, by studying the RIGHT words, the RIGHT way.

  This site is the best way to Learn English

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Simple 7 Step English Course

Super Simple Step 1 - Listening Check
Improve your listening skill with short conversations from multiple native speakers.

Super Simple Step 2 - Quiz Me

Powerful short quiz will check your skill

Super Simple Step 3 - Word Wizard
Bonus phrases from native speakers get you speaking naturally. Word-by-word we go through the lesson. Learn useful phrases you can use today.

Super Simple Step 4 - Pronunciation Power
Be heard by more people with my amazing linking and chaining lesson.

Super Simple Step 5 - Active Role Play
No chance to speak English? Don't worry! Now, you can practice speaking with me ANYTIME. Role play and have fun speaking English. 

Super Simple Step 6 - Final Quiz
Feel great after taking the quiz. Track your English Learning Level

Super Simple Step 7 - Chat Cafe
You will love chatting about the lesson. Oh yes!

  1. Get a lesson every 6 days.
  2. Use the 7 STEPS.
  3. 180 Super Easy Lessons for You.
  4. EASY and SIMPLE. Improve your English like walking.

$297 $37 a Month

  • $0 processing Fee!
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  • No Useless English - Study only English we use.
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"Study Less BUT Learn More..."

  • Spend more time on Speaking
  • Less time on listening
  • More ACTIVE learning and less PASSIVE learning.

“Use learning methods that give you the fastest and best results. ”

Bad Teaching techniques – It’s not your fault!

X The translation method of language teaching BAD
Teachers translate line-by-line English into their native language. It's bad for fluency and for the student to think in English. It makes people thinkers not speakers."

X The comparison method of language teaching BAD
- "Teachers use the comparison style of teaching. This confuses English students. It's best to focus on learning one point"

Lecture style of teaching BAD
- "Teachers speak 95% the student 5%! Who is improving? The teacher, not you! Students must speak 95% and the teacher 5%"

Teaching grammar rules and perfection BAD
- "Grammar rules focus on perfection and stop you speaking. Students fail to speak as they focus on perfect sentences."

Why the English taught in Schools is useless

X Traditional English education built around translations.

X School textbooks designed to be easy to translate lose meaning.

X You are trained to speak like a textbook and sound like a robot.

* The biggest problem facing a language learner. They:

1. Learn BAD material.

2. Learn a BAD way.

This website will help you:

  • Study Less BUT learn more.
  • Make relationships in many countries.
  • Enjoy learning again.
  • Save money on courses that don't work.
  • Get a better job
  • Up your salary.
  • Get confidence speaking English.

$297 $37 a Month

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WHO is your Teacher?

"Marcus is a specialist  in E-Learning education.  Marcus has taught English to more than 36,000 students to speak confident English"

- A specialist in ESL, TOEIC, TOEFL, EIKEN and other major programs.

Marcus has been a guest on TV and radio.

  • NHK TV Japan
  • TV Commercials
  • Japanese Radio
  • SMA station TV program.

These organisations TRUST Marcus for their English Learning!

  • Ritsumeikan ASIA Pacific University.
  • Toyota Car Company.
  • JTB Travel.
  • EDS now Hewlet Packard.
  • Bose Speaker Company
  • Hiroshima Court House
  • Board of Education

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My Promise to you:

  1. From day 1 you will learn useful English fast.

  2. I will make learning English exciting and fun for you.

  3. I will motivate and coach you to be confident.

  4. A team of 31 professionals are working to support you and provide you the #1 Selling English Learning program available.

I'm ready to help you speak English right now. Let's get started!

Best regards,

Marcus Whelan


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"Popular Questions To Marcus"

Why is this English learning system so effective?

After tests on more than 36,000 students studying English our research team has made some incredible discoveries. The results of these tests enabled us to formulate the ultimate language learning system. Our system is fresh, fun, interactive and social. You will be speaking and active in your learning process. You won’t have to worry “is this English useful or not”. We only publish natural English, which is used every day by actual native speakers around the world. You can find out more about our learning methodology by getting your first lesson free and you will also have access to our “How to study” section. You can watch and learn how our system is so effective.

Is this site suitable for beginners?

As we have formulated 7 super simple steps to learn and master each lesson, beginners can get value from this course. Also as the English learning material is super real and natural, advanced level students can also benefit. In testing our systems we used beginners, intermediate levels and advanced level students. All of them enjoyed the content and the fun, interactive learning approach we use.

My child is 12 and wants to study, is this suitable?

We have kids that are using our system and curriculum, kids as young as 8 years old. It’s nice to learn together with your child. We have found in our studies over the past 10 years that parents who have an interest in learning English; often have children who speak great English. If you are a parent then you are the prime role model for your child.

Will this system help with studying TOEIC?

The courses will greatly improve your English listening ability and this will help with the listening sections of the TOEIC test. However our course is designed to get you speaking as soon as possible whereas the TOEIC exam is designed to mainly test your grammar and listening.

How about TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and other tests. Will your courses help with these tests?

When required to take interviews, the natural and native English content will be very helpful. All language taught in our courses is “real, natural and native” content based on how people really speak. Our content is new, fresh, lively and has real energy and always updated. This will impress your judges and interviewer when you use natural English which will help you gain entry to schools and company’s

In what situations can I use this English?

As you know, our conversations, key phrases and vocabulary are based on real life situations. Often the speaking roles are between friends, colleagues and families so that you can practice speaking in different situations.