Studying English, Getting On Your Nerves?

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Studying English, Getting On Your Nerves?

Studying English is the same as learning other different areas. In school, we always have those “favorite” subjects which we always look forward to every day. Of course, we always have those favorite parts of a subject and the least favorite one. Somehow, we cannot enjoy entirely all the parts of a subject which I believe good for confusing parts always bring excitement and challenges to us learners.

Studying English

Is Studying English Getting On Your Nerves?

In the process of studying English, I have come to realize my most favorite parts and the parts I like the least. Studying English is divided into several parts but most likely, all will develop your listening, speaking, reading, writing and comprehension. They may seem easy but each needs different approaches to learn. You can never apply one method and learn all of them.

In this post, I will be sharing FEW of my most and least favorite parts of learning English and how I was able to somehow managed to develop all my skills. Here it goes…

Few of My Most Favorite

(in no particular order)

+ Tag Questions ex: You aren’t hungry, are you?
+ Adjective Order ex: I my mother to buy me a beautiful, new, blue, European car.
+ Adverb of Frequency ex: I seldom watch a movie.
+ Gerunds ex: Walking is simple but a good form of exercise.

Studying English is especially great when I am dealing with them. They are simple but are used often in speaking (which I really like). Another reason I like them is that whenever I took a quiz before, I always get high marks in these areas.

Few of My Least Favorite

(in no particular order)

+ Infinitives ex: The police arrested him for speeding
+ Figurative Language ex: Alliteration, Onomatopoeia & Chiasmus

I only listed 2 because I can’t think of anything else at the moment. Now, perhaps you are wondering if I still don’t like them. Honestly, not anymore! Yes, it is true that the two above are a bit difficult to get used to but I realized that they are not impossible to learn at all. Constant usage of these 2 areas cannot only develop you speaking but as well as comprehension.

All of us have different ways of studying English and incorporating it in our daily lives, but in my case I try to focus studying those parts that are slightly difficult for me. Therefore, the density of difficulty of an area depends on the attention you are giving it. If you don’t like a certain area and you won’t make any effort of trying to somehow understand it, than alas! It will always be difficult to you.


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