No time to study English? 8 unbelievable ways to find time!

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I wanted to continue this topic a little further about practicing little by little every day and giving you ideas of where you can study. Many of us are busy and have no time. So, here are 8 unbelievable ways to find time!

Here is a list which I have personally found useful for my study

To practice while you:

1. have or cook breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2. brush your teeth / hair

3. take a bath, shower or in the toilet (rest room). Yes, I know people that have laminated a list of words and put it in the shower.

4. take the bus, train, tram, plane, taxi or other transport.

5. talk to family, friends or co-workers in English.

6. exercise: running, walking, jogging, riding or any exercise.

7. clean the house or wash the car. After an hour of cleaning and studying you will feel great that you have achieved two things in the same amount of time.

8. you wait. Yes we spend half of our lives waiting. For example: appointments for the doctor, dentist, hair salon, traffic lights, meetings, buses, trains and planes etc. Use those few minutes that are usually wasted. Over the long term they will add up to a mountain of benefit for your language learning.

* I hope you enjoyed these few study ideas. They have really helped me study a range of different topics by not using up any extra time than normal!

Good luck with your study. I wish you all the success.



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