Learning English Too Hard?: Caught in The Act!

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Learning English Too Hard?: Caught in The Act!

Do you have that one friend who just laughs whenever he hears “Learning English?” That one friend who tries to make fun of you in every way he can after finding out how utterly serious you are about learning English?


Learning English: Caught on Act!

That feeling you have when your friend tries to make you look like a “GEEK” after finding out that you are learning English!

Well, ditto!

There was this one time in my home, I decided to study English considering the fact that I had nothing else to do and I can’t think of anything to do except learn English. So after debating two sides of the argument in my head (which by the way makes me think now that perhaps I looked like a crazy girl at that time), I got up from my long relationship with my couch and dumped him, got few papers and a pen with me, a cup of freshly made coffee and went to my table where I always place my laptop.

I was so engrossed with studying that I hadn’t noticed that there are already a few people who had made themselves at home in my house. Cool, huh? A bit, but I thought it was scary, too! Guess who those people were? Exactly! My friends barged in in my home without knocking! (buy yeah, it wouldn’t be called “barging in” if they had knocked, right?) The meanest of them laughed when she noticed that I was making notes and I was learning English! I was like a cat caught stealing a fish. She sent an IM to our other friends with the title: She’s learning English – Our geek gal!.

Well, most of us don’t have to feel the way I felt back then because honestly, there is nothing geeky about learning English. Sometimes, this kind of “thing” is just the way to help others making them more relax the more they engross themselves in learning English. Since then, it became my thing and I am happy about it! Learning English doesn’t have to be so hard because now, you can learn English online with videos!


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