Learning English Language, Easy or Hard?

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Learning English Language, Easy or Hard?

English language

Learning English Language, Hard or Easy?

Some people say that learning English language is the easiest language to study. I even heard people saying that Chinese is hardest language to learn which typically makes them proud. However, are these statements true and supported by a ton? Are there really hard and easy language to begin with?

It basically depends on several things; Chinese, for instance, has no tense; however they have a writing system that’s completely different from the systems utilized in English. One factor can be more durable, however another is less complicated.

With English, I feel that it’s an easy language to select upon learning at the beginning. Several students will begin speaking it fairly quickly and progress quickly through the first stages. This can be as a result of its looks wherein speaking casually might need not apply abundance of grammatical rules that several languages often have.

However, this can be additionally one that makes it difficult as well; having perfect the fundamentals of English, several students then notice that to succeed and reach high level in English, hundreds of rules are to be applied with exceptions here and there.

All in all, I might say it’s very easy to start with, especially when what you want to learn is just conversation patterns and expression. This, however, cannot hide the fact that wanting to be very great in the English language, tougher and tougher obstacles need to be won.

Learning may seem easy if the language you’re trying to learn is close to the one you use. Like when you are a Spanish native and you want to learn Portuguese, then this might be easier for you compared to Japanese trying to learn Portuguese as well.

Personally, I do not assume any language is simple, not if you want to master it. As languages embody entire cultures, they’re extremely complicated things and need years of learning for many. Although I can communicate using the English language quiet well, I am still learning and reviewing lots of things about English.


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