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Language Hacking the English language isn’t something new but recently has become a hot topic. Actually, hacking in general has become a hot topic, from hacking lifestyle, holidays, education to fitness.

language hacking

English language hacking in 3 seconds

But what is hacking? It’s a new way at doing something. It’s about going about something in a completely different way. It’s about focusing on what works in the real world. How to get the best results in the shortest time. Applying the 80/20 principle will help get you there!

So what do I recommend?

Focus on those few things that will give you the best results. In my learning course I focus on teaching only words and phrases used in everyday life. Not those found in textbooks or novels but real day to day phrases.

For me hacking English language learning meant focusing on new ways of teaching. Ways that have never been considered before. Going about learning in a completely new way to get completely new results. 

My results of hacking the English language? The super simple 7 steps to learn English! In 7 super interactive steps students are engaged like never before using videos. It means every day is new and exciting. Students have deadlines, interactivity and rewards to keep English learning fun and exciting. 

Come join me in the VIP members section to find out what I am talking about.

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