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Killer Step 1-Check your listening and level of understanding

Listen to a super real conversation between native speakers and test your level of understanding. Can you follow this useful English speaking conversation video? Time to try it out and check your level. Start Listening right now.

Killer Step 2 – Use “Quick Quiz”- What’s your score?

Quick quizzes give you the chance to check your understanding and track your powerful progress. Go through these multiple choice questions and find your level. You will love this part!
Do you understand this English? Check here.

Killer Step 3-Discover Useful Words and Phrases Not Taught in Schools

We go through every line in the, word and key phrase in this powerful conversation to teach you the key points and useful ways to natively express yourself. You will burn your text books and switch to speaking English with video after you discover this super native language used every day. Learn the most useful words in the English language here.

Killer Step 4 – Pronunciation PowerTo Speak Like A Native

Do people have trouble understanding you? Do you lack confidence to express yourself?
Are you nervous and worried people can’t understand you? Ever had trouble understanding TV shows or movies or native speakers in a coffee shop? No more! From today Pronunciation Power will smash your fears and help you speak naturally and confidently. Using tested killer drilling and chaining techniques you will learn the native secrets to speaking. We start slow and build you up until you are speaking perfectly sounding English. Learn how to blend and shorten words like native speakers do and your friends and colleagues will be surprised how quickly you became a powerfully smooth native speaker. Check your pronunciation skill here.

Killer Step 5 – Shadow Talk Is Your Chance to Speak SpeakSpeak

Have you ever felt embarrassed to speak because you make mistakes? Shadow talk is your answer! You will crush your worries and doubts in this Trademarked Shadow Talk method. Practice having this real conversation in the comfort of your bedroom or bath and build your confidence step-by-step. Make those mistakes at home, in the bath or while you cook dinner. You will role play and practice the conversation using two speed training. After perfecting your English you slide into using your own words and thoughts developing native rhythm in real time and with real native speed. Find out your native speaking level here in Shadow Talk.

Killer Step 6-Quiz Challenge, Do You Understand The Lesson.

Feel the joy and excitement as you pass the quiz challenge. By tracking your improvement step-by-step you will notice your improvement in real time. Do you understand this English? Check here.

Killer Step 7 – Chat Café

Sit down with a hot coffee and join our chat café. Ask questions and communicate freely in your new powerful native English language. It’s a fantastic way to practice and communicate with real people. Join us here in the online discussion café.

This easy powerful system to start speaking English sooner is here for you. It’s available only now, so don;t hesitate and start speaking powerful English with video today. It feels so good to communicate smoothly and freely.

  • Start speaking only useful English used by Native speakers.
  • You will be throwing away your old textbooks after making the right switch to this incredibly addictive new system.
  • Get that better job and higher salary.
  • Smash your fears of shyness and embarrassment with this proven method.
  • Speak with foreign colleagues from around the world.
  • Give a foreignertraveler directions in English and feel great you helped someone.
  • Feel happier after making more foreign friends.
  • You will love watching Hollywood movies and TV shows once you learn this powerful every day English.
  • A fun systemthat entertains you and makes you feel good.
  • Your friends, family and boss will wonder how you learned English.
  • You will have the chance to work overseas, start a business and be a true international person after finishing this course.

This simple formula for learning how to speak smooth English will give you the success you have always wanted.

Students Letters

This course changed my working life.

I just got a job with native English speakers form all around the world. I have so many new lifelong friends. Thank you so much for making a personal course for English learners like us who don’t have the confidence to speak. I feel more confident and people tell me I look and speak more confidently now.

I speak, speak and speak. Wow, this is the only course I’ve taken where all I do is speak.

Other courses make me just listen listenlisten, It’s boring and I just get confused, I have no chance to speak. This course makes you speak, so I am getting better and better every day.

I speak, speak and speak. Wow, this is the only course I’ve taken where all I do is speak.

Other courses make me just listen listenlisten, It’s boring and I just get confused, I have no chance to speak. This course makes you speak, so I am getting better and better every day.

No grammar or books just great interactive learning with the speaking videos. Marcus – now I know why so many universities and global companies have asked you to train them. Your approach is so fresh.

In high school the teacher talked 95% of the lesson and I talked about 5%. I could never improve. Now I have to speak 95% of the time. How great this is to practice my English with you anytime.

The best choice I ever made. No grammar!! Thank you.

I don’t have to learn grammar, it’s so good. Naturally, from the system my grammar is getting better and better.. Just like a native person learns, we focus on speaking and communicating and my grammar gets better. I love your teaching style. You are so nice and fun to listen to.

You are a really nice person. You motivate me so much and it’s fun to take your lessons

Your extra tips and encouragement in the course really helps me. Before I hated English but because I need it for my job I really enjoy it now. My customers ask me how I learned English and I always tell them about your learning system here. People are now thanking me for telling them about your courses. Thank you so much.

I’m so lucky you accepted me into your course. I’ve was cheated so many times before.

I know you close your course to new students sometimes, so I’m so happy I could be in your class. I like how you focus on your students. I’ve been cheated so many times by people on the internet selling terrible English learning programs, It’s so difficult to find real programs that work. I am so happy I found your course. You have taught at so many big company’s and universities I feel safe that I have a professional teacher. Thank you for your lessons. I will never give up on my English.

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