Girls’ Generation, 소녀시대, 少女時代 English Lesson

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Girls’ Generation, 소녀시대, 少女時代 English Lesson

Let me tell you about the Girls’ Generation, 소녀시대, 少女時代 English Lesson I had yesterday with Fumina, my High School student. Her favorite group is Girls’ Generation, 소녀시대, 少女時代 .So we decided to make the class a little different. When learning something new it’s important to study a subject you are interested in. So using my tablet computer we went through this picture below and she told me all about each member of the group. Can you name each member in the picture below from left to right?

Girls generation English lesson

Girls generation English lesson

She told me about their names, nicknames, interests, personality types, height, age, weight, hair color, hair style, eyes, fashion etc. The members names here: Taeyeon Jessica Sunny Tiffany Hyoyeon Yuri Sooyoung Yoona Seohyun So, we had a nice Girls’ Generation English lesson. or in Korean a 소녀시대 English lesson and in Japanese a 少女時代 English lesson.

I will update you next week with what we studied and our notes from the class.

Talk then. Check out one of their most popular songs here if you like. Marcus  


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