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ESL Learning – Time for you to take a break?

Take a break from my ESL Learning you say?

Have you ever tried doing all the goofy study you can make in an entire day which more likely you would refer as a “busy day” or “hectic schedule?”

Ever think about things like:

“I want to be a doctor.”

“I want to be a millionaire.”

“What would George Clooney say about me?”

 ESL Learning. Things we opt to do after a long ESL day!

Time to take a break from ESL learning?

 ESL Learning

English Study, English Speaking Lessons, English Lessons, etc. are few of the phrases we deliberately use to describe any English platform we are engaged in. And Hey! Like all other studies and lessons, ESL Learning can be stressful at times. There will be times when you can’t get through a bunch of pages but don’t worry, that is perfectly normal for any normal kid! (or person)

I am a fan of any ESL Learning platform but guess what, I am still a human that tires after a long stressful day of trying to get every English word into my mind considering all Grammar Lessons, Accent & Diction Practice, Paragraph Construction and MORE ESL Lessons! There are times to really work our butts off but we should also consider giving ourselves a peaceful afternoon tea plus a sweet slice of cake to relax! (Which I often do and it is helpful & effective!)

Yes, ESL Learning’s importance varies from one person to another: Business, Travel, College. All of the effort we make learning will be nothing if in our everyday ESL lesson only 20% sinks in our lovely brains due to STRESS! Don’t get me wrong about this because I do appreciate the importance of this matter but a little rest won’t hurt. So if you want to continue acquiring all the knowledge in your ESL Lessons, it’s better to balance things out!


Take a break from your  ESL Learning! Pour yourself a cup of nose addicting tea and a bite of mouth-waterING cake!



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