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Why you should study English. Check out these English Language facts.

The English language is spoken all over the world. When I’m traveling around the world, if I don’t speak the local language I can usually survive by speaking English. Just recently I had dinner with some friends and after we had finish dinner we all realised that we were from different countries! There were 8 of us from 8 different countries all communicating in English talking about our own respective countries.

Another reason why I find English so useful…

Speaking English gives you the ability to read newspapers from many countries and gain a first hand view or perspective from the media and people in those countries. How fantastic!

some more useful English language facts!

1. 54 countries have English as an official language.

2. There are about 1 billion people who speak English as a second language.

3. Compared to approximately (about) 375 million native English speakers.

4. One out of every six people in the world can speak English. Wow!

5. English is the official language for aeronautical and maritime communications.

6. 80% of the worlds information stored on computers is English.

7. More than half of the worlds scientific and technical periodicals are in the English language.

8. English is the medium of exchange for international communication, particularly for international students

9. The best selling movies in the world are in the English language.

10. Countries that have English as their native language are Australia, New Zealand, England, the USA, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Belize (Yes, Belize, very small country) and there are also some former British colonies that speak English such as Hong Kong.

11. It is fair to say that English is the travelers language as I talked about before with 8 of my friends and me being from different countries.

12. There are over 460,000 words in the dictionary but don’t worry, I have picked out the most useful words and phrases for you that are used to speak native English.

13. People all around the world study English for many reasons. To find love, do business, meet people, travel, order a meal, make friends, learn a new skill, communicate, watch movies and TV shows, read newspapers, books, documents, research and many more.

Check the image below for some amazing facts about the English language!!

English language facts

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